Ends on June 16, 2019

The following award is open to community media organisations that do not hold an Ofcom Community Radio licence but will be accepted if they are from a not for profit organisation. 

Digital or RSL Station Of The Year
This award is designed to showcase those stations that are not broadcasting as an Ofcom-licensed community radio station, but still have all the essential ingredients to deliver useful, informative and engaging community radio for their target communities.
This could be an Internet-only radio station, SSDAB, Local DAB, or RSL station.
Audio: 10 minutes
PDF: 4 pages of text, graphics and photos
(NOTE: 1 entry per station)
Your submission will be considered against the following five points


  1. Presentation and quality of entry
  2. Identification and engagement of target community and its needs
  3. Benefit and impact for the target community on air and off air
  4. Supporting and developing station members, staff and volunteers
  5. Good quality on air programming that caters and works for the target community