Ends on June 16, 2019

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Innovation Award

This award is designed to showcase those stations that have tried, succeeded and are proud of something that they have achieved that’s unique and innovative to community radio. From studios of all shapes and sizes in creative places and new technical developments, or innovative funding, income streams or entrepreneurial business practices, to truly unique and inspiring social gain or community development projects.

If this award category receives a large amount of entries it may get split into the following sub categories:

* Technical

* Social Gain / Community Development

* Entrepreneurial / Business Practice

PDF: 4 pages of text, graphics and photos.

Your submission will be considered against the following five points

  1. Presentation and quality of entry
  2. Identification and engagement of target community and the need
  3. Outcome and impact of innovation
  4. Planning and delivery
  5. Uniqueness of idea and the approach to solving the need